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World Potato Congress Australia

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23 June 2024 - 26 June 2024

World Potato Congress Australia

Adelaide Convention Centre

Join Us in Australia for the 12th World Potato Congress!

Brad Hicks and Nigel Douglas looking forward to your visit, stand 19.

In 2024, Australia is proud to host the 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide from June 23-26, marking a pivotal moment for the global potato industry. Beyond the opportunity to showcase the excellence of the Australian potato sector on the world stage, this congress aims to catapult potatoes into the spotlight as a compelling, nutritional and health-conscious food choice, both domestically and internationally.

As the leading networking organization for the global potato value chain, the World Potato Congress has chosen the theme "Old World Meets New" for 2024. This theme encapsulates the rich historical legacy of potatoes as a food staple, the cutting-edge innovation and technology applied to their production, and substantial investments in research and development. The focus extends to addressing global changes in sustainability, climate, culture, and population dynamics.

The 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide presents a unique opportunity to not only share knowledge and breakthroughs in innovation but also to enhance industry productivity and sustainability. Crucially, it serves as a platform to review business trends across the global supply chain. Moreover, the Congress will provide a high-level insight into global trade, emphasizing the transformation of agrifood systems to ensure food access for the world's most vulnerable populations.