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Change in board of directors and shareholders at Tolsma-Grisnich

12 October 2017

Hereby we inform you that Dim-Jan de Visser, as an existing shareholder and commercial director, acquired a majority share in the Tolsma-Grisnich Group on October 6, by taking over the shares of the current owners together with the Regional Participation Company Wadinko NV in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Through this step, the more than 75 years history of Tolsma-Grisnich remains connected with Emmeloord and the Noordoostpolder region in a firm and stable way.

In the new situation, Dim-Jan de Visser was appointed General Director of the Tolsma-Grisnich Group. Pieter Wesseling who has held this position over the last 5 years, by appointment in a temporary period of time, will resign. He will say goodbye to the organization and we are thankful for his commitment, his involvement and for the way he has led the company in recent years.

As of October 12, Michaël Koridon joined the board of directors as Finance and Operations Director of the Tolsma-Grisnich Group. The daily management of the Tolsma-Grisnich operation in Emmeloord is also under his responsibility.

The Tolsma-Grisnich Group will continue to build a good relationship and a constructive cooperation with its customers, employees, suppliers and other partners. The board of directors and employees are looking forward to the future with great confidence.

Yours sincerely,

Tolsma-Grisnich Group,

Dim-Jan de Visser                                                             Michaël Koridon

General Director                                                                 Finance and Operations Director


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