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Check your storage facility

20 July 2018

This is a good time to make plans to tackle those things that need to be adjusted or improved before the next storage season.


If you want to ensure the timely detection of temperature differences within a batch storage, you need to be sure that your sensors are not displaying any discrepancies. You should therefore check whether they are all indicating consistent values. This also applies to the relative humidity sensors in the storage room and beyond. It is the RH sensors which largely determine whether ventilation with outside air can take place. If the sensor readings are inaccurate, storage efficiency is bound to be adversely affected.


Check the seals on all hatches; this is essential because inadequately sealed hatches allow the entry of a significant amount of heat and humidity when outside temperatures are high, causing the air to heat up. To check the seals, place a product sensor near the exit hatches and monitor the temperature progress on a warm day in spring. If you detect significant temperature differences, readjust the hatches, or renew the seals as necessary.


Deposits of germination inhibitors on fans can lead to imbalances. These affect the lifetime of the fan as well as negatively impacting storage efficiency due to reduced air output for the same energy costs. Clean affected fans with the special product available from the suppliers of germination inhibitors.

Energy consumption

Electricity costs can have a major influence on storage efficiency. Substantial energy savings can be realised using the Energy Management module of the Vision Control storage computer. The intelligent software ‘knows’ the power requirements of the various systems which consume energy, and will automatically switch them on consecutively, reducing peak charges. The quality of the storage process can be protected by allocating priority to separate storage cells, and the reduction in connection capacity will save on energy costs.

If you would like our storage specialist to perform a check of your storage management, please contact your local storage specialist.


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