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Innovation is our challenge

Characteristic to the Tolsma-Grisnich company culture is the everlasting drive to develop intelligent solutions for the agribusiness. Our ambitious R&D team works effortlessly in developing smart solutions for storage, transport- and processing installations.

Intelligent installations

The current information technology offers a various range of possibilities to add intelligence to installations. This makes technical installations and control systems even smarter than they already are. For example: smart climate computers and optimal controlled mechanical refrigeration installations that can adjust settings by themselves, enabling them to minimize the weight loss.

Smart Vision Control

The innovative Vision Control is an example of this. The user-friendly climate computer controls the temperature, relative humidity and CO2 values. Furthermore, it registers a lot of data for optimal storage. This results in the lowest weight loss and highest energy savings.

Smart boxfiller

The GE automatic boxfiller is a product where intelligent techniques are implemented. It is equipped with an ingenious filling system and intelligent software, enabling it to maintain a capacity up to 80 tons/hour.

Key points for innovation

The intelligent techniques developed by the Tolsma-Grisnich R&D team not only attunes all steps in a processing line in an optimal way, it also gathers data about cost price, maintenance and data about the stored or processed product.

Intelligent systems for storage and processing

  • Maintain product quality
  • Limit weight loss
  • Energy saving
  • Custom-made innovation


The knowledge and experience possessed by our advisors in transferred to a suiting advice for our users. Together, we can realize a higher efficiency of the storage and processing process.