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Condenser drying onion storage

17 December 2018

Condenser drying starts to find its way into onion cultivation. The advantages are great: better product quality, continuous drying, energy-efficient drying and weather-independent drying. It is especially interesting when a cooling system is already present or when a new building is to be built.

The principle of condenser drying

Although the absolute drying capacity with heaters and outside air is higher in many cases, the great advantage of a condenser drying installation is that it is continuously dried using the cooling. Cold dry air from the cooling section goes to a heating block (bypass condenser) and is heated there. The heated dry air then passes through the product in the storage room. The onions release moisture to the dry air and are kept at temperature. The air in the room goes back to the cooler, where it is dried. The grower is no longer dependent on the outside air. Condenser drying can be applied in various ways, whereby the air cooler and heating block can be installed at different locations depending on the chosen ventilation system.

New distinctive system

Tolsma-Grisnich offers a unique system that results in the most efficient drying. In this system, all air must pass through the air cooler, making optimal use of the air in the storage room. It is an extensive system that also uses outside air to heat up internally with the heating block.

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