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Energy Management module on the Vision Control

20 July 2018

Vision Control plus Energy Management provides a solution for the long hours of waiting for network controllers to make new energy connections.

Increased demand results in longer waiting times

Various network controllers are currently finding it difficult to realise the energy connections required at the beginning of a new storage season. This is bound to cause problems in a number of cases when new installations for cooling and ventilation are commissioned. The problem is caused by a significant increase in the number of applications for connection, set against the background of an economy that is picking up momentum and an increased interest in sustainable energy (solar and wind energy).

Energy Management module provides a clever solution

Fortunately, Vision Control can provide a solution to this problem: the Energy Management module. Rather than utilising economy timers, whereby the fans and cooling system are blocked at certain times to prevent peaks in demand, Vision Control can now manage energy consumption with a fully automated process. The software ‘knows’ the power requirements of each energy-consuming system within the business, and once upper limits and priorities have been set, Vision Control can automatically manage energy consumption. Vision Control will temporarily switch off certain cells when power consumption is nearing the upper limit. Peak charges are minimised while product quality is maintained.

For more information, go to the Vision Control webpage or contact one of our storage advisors.

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