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Expansion of the business; Tolsma-Grisnich goes down under!

3 May 2018

The Tolsma-Grisnich Group is happy to announce that it has opened its first local branch office in Torquay, Australia with Allan Greenhalgh appointed as Director.

Allan Greenhalgh has a strong background in engineering, having worked in various manufacturing industries in Australia and Europe. Because of this experience, combined with his understanding of the end users’ requirements and our technical solutions, we are very pleased to have Allan on board.

Developing for the future

Why now? Over the last 3 years in Australia, electricity costs have increased approximately 300% and costs of water and labour keep rising due to environmental changes and seasonal work. It is not unusual for farmers having to face 25% storage losses during the season in Australia. All these costs can be reduced by Tolsma and Grisnich’s innovative and intelligent solutions, which cover the full cycle of unloading, storage, processing and packaging of agricultural products.

Proactive market approach

Processors, packers and growers require improvements through low-cost, effective and smart storage solutions as well as low-cost operational solutions. Since 2008, Tolsma has sold several successful projects to key players in the local market without an intensive market approach. An active market approach, however, will provide cost-effective solutions that help growers, processors and packers in beating the expected price rise.

Dim Jan de Visser, CEO of the Tolsma-Grisnich Group, has stated: “Together with Allan, we look forward to serving the Australian market through a local office by providing effective and innovative solutions for our customers.”

New climate-controlled storage facility in Australia

Tolsma-Grisnich has set up a new storage facility in Tasmania, Australia. The storage facility is climate-controlled and has an 8,000 tons capacity for the cooling of seed potatoes. The seed potatoes are stored in boxes. Storage is permanently monitored, and the Vision Control storage computer saves data such as temperature, relative air humidity and CO2.

The storage facility is comprised of 10 cooling cells each with a capacity of 800 tons. A specially developed air system ensures that fresh air is circulated through the storage facility and that CO2 is discharged. Ten QCC40 Vario units have been installed for cooling purposes and are controlled centrally by the Vision Control.

Contact information

Please contact Allan Greenhalgh for more information.

Contact details:
Tolsma Australia Pty Ltd
71 Glaneuse Ave
Torquay Victoria
Australia 3228

Allan Greenhalgh
Director Australia
M +61 04 3477 4430
E allangreenhalgh@tolsma.com

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