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NEW! Climate units

23 November 2021

The new climate units ensure an optimal climate in every phase of storage. Ventilating, cooling and drying while maintaining product quality.

The climate units are ready to plug in and can be used modularly in the storage area. This allows savings on installation and construction costs. These units can be used for room ventilation (cooling) and forced ventilation in combination with a suction wall for products in boxes. By combining the different units, the air volume and the cooling and drying capacity can be adapted to the storage location and the product. The units are sustainable due to the use of energy-efficient fans and natural refrigerant. The refrigeration design ensures minimal weight loss during the storage period and this increases storage efficiency.

The plug & play version with condensation drying function is unique in its kind. One unit that ensures that the product is dried as quickly as possible in all situations to prevent mold and bacterial growth. Drying and heating with outside air whenever possible and internal condensation drying regardless of the weather when the outside conditions are not suitable.


There are 3 different climate units available::

Tolsma Air 50 – ventilation
Tolsma Cool 50 – ventilation and cooling
Tolsma Dry 50 – ventilation, cooling, heating and condensation drying

Watch the unveiling here!



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