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New Storage facility in New Zealand

9 March 2020

The Rakaia Hub Ltd is based in the heart of Rakaia, very central to Christchurch, Timaru. The business has grown over the last few years to become a unique place for a.o. Storage and Grading.

The storage facility has an 2,100 tons capacity for the cooling of seed and processing potatoes and is climate-controlled. The potatoes are stored in boxes. The Vision Control storage computer saves data such as temperature, relative air humidity and CO2 and  ensures the storage is permanently monitored. The units are designed to run energy efficient, to keep the power bill low.

Both the Quadro Air Mix Unit 60 (QML 60)  and the Quadro Compact Cooler are characterised by their high efficiency and easy installation. The QML can be connected to a cooling unit and the QCC achieves different cooling capacities using the variable control on the compressor  The units have been installed for cooling purposes and are controlled centrally by the Vision Control.



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