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Nomination for the Potato Europe 2017 Innovation Award for a 5m sensor cable

23 August 2017

Tolsma-Grisnich has developed a temperature sensor cable that is 5m in length and that can measure the product temperature at various heights throughout the stack of potatoes. The aim of this innovative product sensor is to allow temperature differences to be measured more accurately and then followed up. Taking measurements closer together within the stacked-up potatoes means that the product temperature can be controlled much better during the storage season, particularly when combined with a climate control computer. The ultimate aim is to deliver a higher-quality end product with a lower level of storage losses. The 5m sensor also helps reduce energy consumption because the fans and heaters run for less of the time. Another benefit of the five-metre sensor cable is that it is possible to literally roll it out at various locations in the storage area while the potatoes are being stacked away.

The jury’s assessment: This temperature sensor/product sensor for bulk storage makes things easier. It is a nice, forward-looking storage technology solution that is easy to use in practice. At the same time, it is a simple application that has the potential to reduce storage losses.


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