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Potato receiving- and bin installation in Canada

12 May 2021

At the end of December, no fewer than 11 containers were loaded and shipped to Canada. The shipment finds its destination in Grand Falls.

There, at the beginning of the year, they start the installation work for a  Potato receiving- and bin installation, in completely stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great advantage especially in a wet

environment, is more durable and requires less maintenance.

The process line starts with a receiving bin and an through conveyor. This conveyer exist out of a stable side frame made of bent material that is welded together by bent 3mm profiles. The belt is locked into the frame and slides for a small part across the frame, this makes sure that there is a minimal leakage.

A sample machine monitors the quality of the potato by continuously taking samples from the product stream. Therefor a plastic tarring cloth is mounted between two parallel mounted drive belts being the key features of this Grisnich sampling machine. This tarring cloth runs through the complete width of the product  flow and takes a representative sample.

The product flow continues its way through the de-soiler spiral cleaner. Sand, clay, leaves and other small parts fall through the machine, the potatoes are gradually transported further. In combination with the desoiler a de-leaver porcupine belt  is delivered.





The “rules” carries-off the leaves, sand and small product parts, while the product gradually slips off the porcupine belt.

Bin angled filling conveyor. The angled conveyor is mounted on top of the bin. A Grisnich fall breaker stands on the bottom of the bulk bin. The Grisnich Fall breaker is characterized by the use of movable valves who by gravity automatically return to the start position. The absence of a counterweight ensures optimum filling of the bulk bin.

The four Grisnich bulk bins can be characterized as a stable funnel with an integrated support and bolt able and detachable side walls. The bins are equipped with a pressure relief cover (this reduces the risk of potatoes getting stuck and prevents the bin discharge conveyor from slipping) to have an optimal product outfeed with use of the bin discharge conveyor. All bins are equipped with fans. This is recommended for wet batches and has the great advantage that the potatoes can be stored  in the bins for more than one day.

Each bin has a capacity of 40 ton.


Even flow bin including fall breaker: The bottom angle of the bin is 45 degrees. The side panels are mounted onto the bottom construction with bolts. With use of the even flow bin the potatoes are ready for the next step, their way to French fries.

This processing line is also equipped with large platforms around the entire installation so that all machines are easily accessible. The total capacity of this line is 30 tons per hour.

Tolsma-Grisnich has a long experience in the field of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and installation of machinery for potato receiving, – cleaning and – grading worldwide. Therefore Tolsma-Grisnich is the perfect partner for the realization of this project.

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