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Box handling

Speed and logistic gains are the decisive factors in achieving the highest possible efficiency in the filling and emptying of boxes.

Tolsma-Grisnich box fillers and box tippers meet these requirements and can realise a capacity of 80 tons per hour. Both systems can be used as either stand-alone or integrated units.

Fully automated box filling

The TG Automatic Box filler-18 is capable of stacking, de-stacking and filling empty boxes fully automatically. The filled boxes are stacked and transported by means of a roller conveyor. A capacity of 80 tons per hour can be realised thanks to the uninterrupted filling process. In addition, the TG Automatic Box filler-18 reduces the number of forklift truck movements by 40%. Different filling programmes and conveyor speeds can be set using the handy touch screen control.

Box filler for uninterrupted supply

The product is fed directly to the TG Automatic Box filler-18 by means of a roller cleaning unit (option). The product is stored in a small intermediate bunker during box changes so that supply can continue without interruption. When filling is resumed, the intermediate bunker is emptied first. The box is tilted and then filled with a minimum drop height so that no cone develops in the centre.

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Automated box emptying system

The automated box emptying system can automatically de-stack and empty filled boxes as well as re-stacking the empty boxes. The modular roller conveyors and (de)-stacking units of the TG Automatic Box Filler-18 can be used for this. The boxes are turned within a bracket frame with transport straps above and below the box. As the box is moved sideways it is gently emptied over a transport conveyor which removes both box and product, so achieving an exceptionally high capacity.

The TG Automatic Box Filler-18

  • Automatick (de)stacking, emptying and box filling
  • Capacity 80 tons/hour
  • 40% less forklift movements
  • Product friendly
  • Modular


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