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Tolsma-Grisnich has developed various solutions and applications for conveyer belts. The conveyer belts are custom-made and are always attuned to the favoured situation.

The choice of the belt, the material and the drive are always attuned to the application, the product and the degree in which the belts are being used.


The conveyer belts are mounted with a closed frame to stop it from accumulating dirt. The solid construction ensures limited movements from the belt and therefore it needs less support point, also for longer conveyer belts. Because of their smart design, maintenance to the rollers and bearings can be done easily and quickly.

Type of conveyer belts:

  • Flat conveyer fitted with support rollers
  • Trog conveyer with closed shielding
  • Trog conveyer with click-clack (open) shielding
  • Elevator conveyer with high chevron cloth
  • Elevator conveyer with low chevron cloth
  • Elevator conveyer with T-flights
  • Banana curved conveyer


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Download the leaflet (USA)

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