Wet cleaning

Tolsma-Grisnich has developed a various range of products of wet cleaning systems. The advanced systems are optimal attuned to each other and offer a customized solution for every desired installation. Each application of the ways of cleaning have specific advantages (intensity, capacity, accurcay, product friendliness).

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Stone, clod and haulm seperator

To make sure that unwanted elements like stones, clods and haulm is seperated from a batch of potatoes, carrots, red beets or other bulbous and tuberous plants, Tolsma-Grisnich has developed the Stone-, Clod-, and Haulm seperator. Read more

Separation baths

The Tolsma-Grisnich salt and clay baths seperate products like potatoes with a varying alike weight (a.o. potatoes with a low under water weight). Read more


The Tolsma-Grisnich TG-W washer is an in-house developed drum washer for the wet cleaning of potatoes, carrots, red beets and other tuberous and bulbous crops. Read more

Roller dryer

The roller dryer is used for the drying of tuberous and bulbous crops. The roller dryer is part of the processing line and will most cases be place after the washer or Combi-washer. Read more


The Tolsma-Grisnich Combi-washer is a combination of the stone-, clod, and haulm seperator and the TG-W washer installation. Read more