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The Tolsma-Grisnich Combi-washer is a combination of the stone-, clod, and haulm seperator and the TG-W washer installation.

The Combi-washer is 1 machine that can seperate clods from batches of potatoes and carrots in an efficient way, cleaning the product in the same process. The end result is maximal, the energy and water consumption is minimal.


The Combi-washer combines a great washing capacity with a low water consumption. This is done through the special shape of the washing drum and the high-tech control, which checks the pollution of the process water. Dependent on the washer, the water level and supply of clean water is automatically controlled. With the unique nozzle system, the product is thorougly rinsed after the wet cleaning. After this, the stones and the clods are seperated from the haulm and product, using controllable upward water pressure. The haulm is removed using a haulm seperator (rake). The cleaned product is transported from the washer over the discharge conveyer and can then be dryed using the roller dryer.


  • Integrated floating parts seperation (optional)
  • Compact design
  • Minimal water consumption through innovative control with mud detection
  • Maximal washing result
  • Product and maintenance friendly
  • For both potatoes as carrots


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