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Roller dryer

The roller dryer is used for the drying of tuberous and bulbous crops. The roller dryer is part of the processing line and will most cases be place after the washer or Combi-washer.


When the product exits the washing installation, it will be transported on the roller dryer. The roller dryer transport the wet product over the drying rollers, while the felt layers absorbs the moisture. The turning of the rollers ensures that the moisture of the product is absorbed. At  the bottom of the machine, a wring roller is used to extract the moisture out of the felt layers.

The frequency controlled motor can adjust the speed of the rollers, which depends of the measure of cleaning. The measure of cleaning is dependent of the amount of potatoes transported and the amount of roller: more rollers equals a dryer product.

The roller dryer is part of the Tolsma-Grisnich wet cleaning process. After the product has dryed, it can be further processed.


  • Efficient and product friendly dry cleaning
  • Maintenance friendly

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