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Separation baths

The Tolsma-Grisnich salt and clay baths seperate products like potatoes with a varying alike weight (a.o. potatoes with a low under water weight).

The separation baths are used in a potato processing line. In a Tolsma-Grisnich processing line, the machine is installed after the washer or Combi-washer in most cases. The installations have controllable optimal salt- and clay solution circulation and are very ease accesible for daily maintenance.


By adding salt or clay to the water, undesired alements like haulm and glass potatoes can be seperated from the batch of potatoes. The salt or clay solution make it possible that glass potatoes and other floating elements can be extracted using a seeve belt. The seeve belt is a maintenance friendly way of extracting materials and ensures a high reliability.


  • Accurate seperation of desired and undesired product
  • Minimal wear
  • Easy control, inspection and maintenance
  • Capacity of 30-70 tons/h

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