Control technology

Tolsma-Grisnich develops innovative storage technology for automated climate control. The advanced, user-friendly process technology controls fans, hatches, heaters and mechanical cooling based on the temperature, R.H. and CO2 concentration measured, resulting in the best possible storage climate.

Vision Control

The Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that controls temperature and relative humidity as well as CO2 level by regulating fans, hatches, heaters and refrigeration devices. This results in minimal storage losses as well as optimal energy saving. Read more


The Tolsma Measurement Unit (TMU) is a measurement unit that gathers data in the storage facility, like product- and room temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels. Read more

Control panels

The Tolsma-Grisnich control panels are custom made: they are always attuned to the right systems. Read more


The Yield Observation Unit (YOU) is placed in the bulk batch and continuously measures the product weight. Read more