Tolsma-Grisnich has developed various refrigeration systems to create ideal circumstances in the storage. Realizing the optimal storage efficiency is the main objective of the refrigeration systems. Because the systems do not have to take the weather conditions into account, the storage period can be prolonged, thus conserving the product quality during this period.

NEW! Climate units

The new climate units ensure an optimal climate in every phase of storage. Ventilating, cooling and drying while maintaining product quality. Read more

Quadro Compact Cooler

The Quadro Compact Cooler (QCC) has a high coefficient of performance (COP), is designed to be durable and is available with two cooling capacities: 40, 60, 120 and 160 kW. Read more

Condenser drying

Condenser drying is the method for drying both now and in the future. When drying constantly depends on the weather conditions and preserving the quality of the product is paramount, a condenser drying unit is a clever purchase. Read more

Refrigeration systems

The GCU (Green Cool Unit) is one of the Tolsma's own innovations. Achieving optimal storage efficiency was the goal in developing this direct cooling system, so minimal drying-in and energy saving are crucial. Read more