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Quadro Compact Cooler

The Quadro Compact Cooler (QCC) has a high coefficient of performance (COP), is designed to be durable and is available with two cooling capacities: 40, 60, 120 and 160 kW.

The large evaporation surface creates the optimum conditions for the product in question and, thus, a high storage efficiency.

The QCC can, optionally, be equipped with an internal hatch, so air from the outside can be used for ventilation. The horizontal set-up of the condenser ensures an optimum supply of air during external ventilation.


The QCC-40 and QCC-60 models can also be supplied in a Vario version, with the advantage that the machine can automatically realise a higher capacity than the standard specification. Consequently, big batches can be cooled more quickly. If a storage site is filled with only a small quantity of product, the Quadro Compact Cooler – combined with a Vision Control climate computer – will adjust to ensure cooling in an energy-efficient manner.

New generation mobile refrigeration unit:

  • Refrigeration system in one insulated unit
  • Equipped with EC fans
  • High air output
  • Low noise level
  • Durable and energy saving


Download the leaflet QCC & QML

Download the leaflet QCC & QML (USA)


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