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Track & Trace

The Tolsma-Grisnich Track & Trace system provides an actual overview of the storage and a faster traceability of your product. Each box is fitted with an electronic chip with a unique number. This allows for adding information about for example the variety, size or supplier. Filling, displacing or emptying, every box movement is automatically registered.

How Track & Trace works:

Every box gets fitted with an electronic TAG. The scanner mounted on the forklift recognizes the box. The terminal mounted on the forklift connects the box-content tot the number of the box and communicates this with a (WiFi) server. In this system, the rows and stacks of boxes are pre-determined. In this way, the overview of boxes in the storage is always actual.

Automatic or manual

The Track & Trace box registration registers all data that are relevant during the different phases in the storage and sorting process.

  • During the filling of the boxes, the desired product information is added to the box
  • The forklift driver sees at which place he needs to put in the box in the storage
  • During sorting, it is possible to add the right size to the box automatically. After that, it is automatically indicated where the box needs to be placed in the storage.
  • To move several boxes to another place quickly can be simply registered using the touch screen.


 The advantages:

  • Automatic box registration (tracking & tracing)
  • Product overview per batch and per box
  • Optimal stock overview
  • Developed for box storage and sorting companies


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