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Renovation and new storages with ventilation and propane, Noordoostpolder, Nederland

1 July 2016

Tolsma-Grisnich recently realised a convincing combination of a new facility and a renovation for the storage of seed potatoes, carrots, onions and celeriac, incorporating:

user-friendly Vision Control storage computer for ventilation, plus mechanical refrigeration
energy-efficient EC ventilators with adjustable rotational speed
Quadro Compact Cooler with capacity control
sustainable propane-CO2 cooling installation with high COP
controlled-temperature air coolers to ensure minimum loss of weight
CO2 detection and refreshment system.

Cell 1

1,000 tons of box storage for carrots or celeriac, featuring indirect propane-CO2 cooling with double sided blowing air coolers. The temperature of these air coolers can be controlled, which reduces dehumidification and minimises product weight loss.

Cell 2

750 tons of storage for bulk onions, on semi-circular channels, with energy-efficient EC ventilators and supplementary mechanical cooling.

Cell 3

600 tons of box storage for seed potatoes, with a space ventilation system using QCC-40 Vario. Additional capacity is available during the cooling process.

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