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Rental units for sale

20 July 2018

Due to the increasing demand for cooling units, the decision has been made to replace the entire fleet of Tolsma-Grisnich rental cooling units, and to offer the current units for sale as of August. Needless to say, the units will be thoroughly inspected prior to delivery.

Why rent a cooling unit?

Consistent storage temperatures prevent loss of quality and reduce the pressure of having to remove products from storage before a certain date. Growers who have a temporary need for additional cooling capacity can therefore rent a mobile cooling installation from Tolsma-Grisnich. The Quadro Compact Cooler (QCC), which is available for rental, provides the assurance that the stored product will retain its high quality right through to the end of the storage season. Furthermore, it ensures enhanced storage efficiency, as well as providing a degree of risk coverage.

Purchase of a used machine

If you would like more information about an attractively priced, used cooling unit, please contact your storage advisor.

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