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13 April 2021

In November we started the Razor campaign: So sharp? So sharp! At the same time, the MV18 sorting machine was put on the market. There is great interest in both and the first unit has now been installed at the customer and production has started in full swing. Also curious about what our showpieces can offer you?


Topping onions with the Razor

Revolutionary in the onion processing industry, our onion topper ‘the Razor!’

The Razor has proven to be successful at our first customer close to our factory. Topping onions has been given a completely new impulse with this new machine. The Razor can handle a large capacity, causing the flow of the product also to be better. The machines are very product-friendly, which means that there is less damage to the onions. The exclusive ‘Razor knives’ are very sharp and top very accurately. The optimum air flow from the blades ensures that dust is kept to a minimum.



You can sort high-capacity consumption potatoes and onions with the MV18

The Tolsma-Grisnich MV18 sorting machine is a further developed machine for processing consumption potatoes and onions for high-capacity applications. Simple operation makes it easy to find the right settings for your application. In this way the machine is always tailored to the batch.

The speed and position of the sorting deck can be set to different positions. A flat sorting deck guarantees maximum accuracy, while an angled position increases forward speed for higher sorting capacity. Each sorting deck has its own product-friendly sieve cleaner for long-lasting performance, enabling a total maximum capacity of up to 60 tons per hour.

Advantages of the Tolsma-Grisnich MV series:

  • Less maintenance required (lifetime lubricated bearings)
  • Thanks to an efficient drive, you need a lower engine power, so less power consumption
  • Better accessibility of parts
  • Better CE shielding
  • Narrower design, less space required
  • Better sorting performance due to continuously varying speed of the sieve decks (adjustable)



  • Quick change system for sieve clamps


With the addition of the Razor and MV18 to our productportfolio, you can come to us for a complete processing line!

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