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Storage facility in Uzbekistan

29 March 2019

This storage facility for a potato giant in Uzbekistan was officially commissioned with a grand opening last week. The building consists of 20 cells, each of 24×24 meter, and each separately controlled by means of a state-of-the-art Vision Control storage computer. The facility can handle a total of 24,000 boxes, which means a storage capacity of 30,000 tons. To achieve proper air distribution/efficiency, the choice was made to install two air coolers in each cell so that the desired climate can be achieved.

A major project

A few figures might give some idea of the massive quantities of material needed for the construction of this storage facility: 3,000 metres of cooling pipelines, 120 EC fans and 120 air bags. The entire installation is cooled by 3 chillers, each with a 650 kW cooling capacity. All in all: 21 lorries packed with material!

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