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Storage facility in Uzbekistan

17 December 2018

Early december, 3 chillers, each with a cooling capacity of 650kW, left our factory in Emmeloord to serve at a potato giant in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, a total of 20 cells, each 24 x 24 meters, are built and can be controlled separately from each other by means of our advanced Vision Control storage computer.

Major project

The storage is suitable for 24.000 boxes, in other words 30.000 tons of storage. Therefor, 3.000 meters of cooling line, 120 EC fans, 120 airbags, 200 product sensors will be delivered among other things. In order to achieve a good air distribution/efficiency, they’ve chosen for  the installation of 2 air coolers per cell so that the desired climate can be achieved. Overall this comes down to a total of 21 trucks full of material.

The first 3.000 tons of seed potatoes have now been stored. It is expected that the storage will be fully completed around May 2019.

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