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Storage tips

17 December 2018

The nights are currently very variable in terms of temperature. We have drawn up a number of tips for the different temperatures.

Tip 1: In the Vision Control, reduce the difference between outside temperature relative to product temperature when there is a longer warm period, so that the system uses the outside air earlier. When the nights are colder again (few degrees below the desired storage temperature) the difference can be increased again, so that the yield is higher.

Tip 2: Switch off the circulation fans in hot outdoor conditions so that no unnecessary heat enters the store. Do not forget to switch on the circulation fans at normal temperatures, so that condensation is prevented again.

Tip 3: With warmer outdoor temperatures when the humidity of the onions becomes too high (regularly >80%), turn the storage phase back on to drying so that the onions become sharper again.

Tip 4: Do not run internally when it is too hot outside.

Tip 5: During periods of frost, pay attention to the CO2 in the storage when the hatches stay closed.

Tip 6: Turn on the heater if necessary. This is also possible in storage mode, set it to a maximum heater position of 25%.

Tip 7: During the period of frost, with EC fans it is advised to switch the fans to ‘blow’ while refreshing.


Would you like personal advice for your storage? Contact your storage specialist.

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