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Tolsma-Grisnich presents novelties at Agritechnica

9 November 2017

From 12 to 18 November, Agritechnica in Hanover will be the ‘centre of innovation’ for anyone who wants to be updated on the latest global developments in the agro business. As one of the regular exhibitors, Tolsma-Grisnich will of course have a presence at this event (hall 24, stand A14).

This year we will be featuring the new modules for the Vision Control storage computer (Energy Management and Yield Observation Unit). We will also be presenting our App 1.0, Sample Analyser, TTV HE fan, MV09 grading machine, and our new 5M temperature sensor, among other products.

Vision Control innovations
The Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that regulates temperature, relative air humidity and CO2content during storage by controlling fans, hatches, stoves and mechanical cooling in an intelligent and effective way. By virtue of its new modules, Vision Control is the hub of the storage facility.

EPEX energy management
The innovative software of EPEX Energy Management reduces energy consumption of mechanically cooled storage locations ‎‎Because the system takes account of the fluctuating hourly rates on the EPEX, the spot market for electricity, energy costs fall by 20 to 30%.

Tolsma YOU (Yield Observation Unit)
The YOU (Yield Observation Unit) measures the weight and CO2 content of potatoes that are stored in bulk. In combination with a Vision Control climate computer, weight loss is rendered during storage. The measuring data of the YOU are displayed in the Vision Control. Additional analyses are shown in an online environment to determine optimal storage strategy.

App 1.0
Using the new Tolsma App 1.0 you can remotely read the storage computer (temperature, RH, hours of operation, statuses as well as alarms/failures for controlled groups). Another new feature is the option of controlled change of the main settings via the App. The unique status overview of the Vision Control is also visible through this new App, making it immediately clear which control actions the Vision Control climate computer has performed, and at what time.

TG MV09 Grading Machine
Grading seed potatoes and table potatoes from the processing industry in an environmentally friendly manner and with great accuracy, Tolsma-Grisnich grading machines can be optimally geared to the specific requirements of each product. The newly developed MV09 also provides the ideal balance between outstanding accuracy and product-friendly treatment. There will be live demonstrations of the TG MV09 during the Agritechnica.

TG Sample Analyzer
The Sample Analyzer automates the analysis of samples during the storage or processing of potatoes. The Sample Analyzer assesses, in an objective manner, the length, size and underwater weight of the sample. In terms of storage, the data obtained is useful for the sales process of a batch. The automatic delivery of this information ensures the fast and independent assessment of quality within the processing business. The Sample Analyzer can be operated as a stand-alone machine or as part of a by-pass line adjacent to the storage or processing line. There will be live demonstrations of the TG Sample Analyzer during the Agritechnica.

5M Temperature Sensor (award winning)
This innovative 5 metre-long product sensor has been developed to measure temperature differences at different heights in the bulk-storage system. Enhanced storage efficiency is achieved thanks to anticipation of the storage strategy, underpinned by improved measurements The cable sensor, featuring 5 measuring points, can be incorporated along the gradient of the bulk storage as the product is being stored. Condensation in the top layer can be avoided and better assessment of the duration of internal ventilation is also made possible.

Tolsma-Grisnich themselves develop and produce all their fans, including the High Efficiency Fan. This fan, developed using CFD technology and featuring 6 hubs, delivers excellent performance at a counter pressure of between 100 and 200 Pa, which is why its operation is fully utilised within a box storage system. The fan can be set to either blowing or suction by means of the climate computer, so various storage methods can be applied. The EC motor is both dust-proof and splash-proof as well as featuring maintenance-free bearings, which ensures that this is an exceptionally maintenance-friendly fan. This fan comes as a 90 cm ventilator with a choice of three types of motor (2.2, 3 or 4 kW).

If you would like information about Tolsma-Grisnich’s attendance or any of the above mentioned innovations, please contact Jan van Maldegem (cell phone +31 (0)6 51 84 60 41).

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