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10 March 2020

For one of the biggest companies of production and wholesale of potatoes and grains in the Bryansk region in Russia,  Tolsma-Grisnich delivered a storage and grading line.

A storage and grading line for 6.000 ton seed potatoes.

Early in 2019, a start was made on the building of a completely new seed potato business in Russia, region Bryansk. This operation includes storage locations for potatoes in boxes as well as a grading hall including installations for the grading of potatoes.

Four storage facilities have been equipped with the latest QCC 60 and QML 60 compact coolers. Each cell has a capacity of 1,500 tons of boxed potatoes. The QCCs are fitted with a hatch so that ventilation with outside air is also possible. All QCCs and QMLs are controlled by a Vision Control climate computer.

The grading installation exists of a roller inspection table, the MV13 grading machine and buffer-bins with integrated box-fillers. The grader contains 4 sieving decks which sort out 3 different sizes of potatoes. The box filler starts  automatically after placing the box in the box fillers. Total hourly feed-in capacity is 30 tons of potatoes per hour.

This comprehensive project is unique to the region Bryansk.  The fully automated process ensures a significant reduction in the amount of labour required.



Grisnich – Sorting installation Seed Potatoes


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