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Ventilation and Cooling project in Pennsylvania

9 June 2020

For more than 8 generations the Sterman Masser family has been running their business they started in central Pennsylvania in 1754.

Today, the farming operations have expanded to a total of 6.000 acres, with potatoes, cash grain and hay being produced. The potato packaging and warehouse operations pack and distribute over 250 million pounds of potatoes each year.

Masser Potato Farms combines years of potato farming experience with today’s newest technology to deliver the best quality potatoes at the best value. With integrated state-of-the-art operations, sustainable agricultural and supply chain practices, innovative new products, best-in-class category management, and customized marketing solutions, the Masser team delights their consumers and customers and delivers profitable category growth.

For the facility in Sacramento, PA,  Tolsma-Grisnich delivered ventilation and cooling equipment for the storage of table potatoes.

The first compartment of this storage facility has been equipped with a ventilation and cooling system for 33,500 Sacks (1675 metric ton) of table potatoes. The ventilation systems consist of an airbag system in combination with 6 Axial fans model TTR9.22 EC.

This fan is unique because it uses 20% less power at 100% speed compared to other fans. At 80% speed, the fan uses no less than 50% less energy and the noise level is also kept to a minimum.

The EC fan is specially designed for storing potatoes and onions and can be used for both box and bulk storages.

The airbag system is an inflatable seal between boxes .
The inflatable airbag should be positioned in the space between two rows of boxes.
The space in between functions as an air lock and is closed off at the top by an inflatable airbag.
The delivered cooling system for compartment 1 is provided with a GCU-I unit.

The GCU-I (Green Cool Unit Indirect) is particularly suitable for storing different products under different climates. The indirect cooling systems facilitate using different temperatures for cooling in different compartments.

Compartment 2, 3 and 4 have been equipped with the latest QCC 120 units, each compartment has a capacity of 39.900 Sacks (1995 metric ton) of table potatoes

The Compact Cooler is a highly efficient (COP) developed cool- / ventilation unit especially  to store boxes and bags. Basically the Compact Cooler is a ventilation unit built together on one frame with a compressor, air cooler, condenser, control panel and completely wired.

The QCCs are fitted with a hatch so that ventilation with outside air is also possible.

For extending the air throw in compartment 2, 3, 4 circulation fans are used. Optimal air distribution in box storage is vital. The air throw extending fans ensure that the air from the QCC or QML also reaches the boxes at the back of the storage.

Besides the circulation fans all compartments are provided with a high pressure humidification systems which limits weight loss. Optimal humidity in the storage is of vital importance to limit weight loss in potatoes. The humidification system supports this by accurately increasing the humidity, controlled by the Vision Control storage computer.

The Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that controls the temperature, relative humidity and CO2 content by controlling the control of fans, hatches, heaters and mechanical cooling. This results in the lowest storage losses and the highest energy saving. The Vision Control screen shows a schematic view of the storage area and the mechanical cooling.

With this newest  storage technology Masser Potato Farms is prepaired for the future (and meet their customer and consumer needs.) and ensures to deliver the best quality potatoes at the best value


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