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Double box filler / big bag filler

Double box filler / big bag filler

A box filler or big bag filler consists of 2 retractable fall breakers and a support frame

The big advantage of this machine is that it can be used for both boxes and big bags. Due to the double function, the logistics process can continue at all times. Tolsma-Grisnich offers a box filler that provides more capacity.

More capacity and less labour

The box filler is fed by a conveyor belt for potatoes or onions. Harvested products are more and more stored in boxes. As a result, batches can be stored separately. This offers a major advantage in the seed potato and table potato sector. In addition, because of the low falling height, the chance of pressure spots is smaller.

A box filler improves the logistic efficiency. It ensures that the work runs smoothly and the boxes are well filled. Because boxes do not always have the same size, you can set the height of the box filler.

About the double box filler

The product sensor ensures the correct position of the fall breaker, so that the falling height is as small as possible. The fall breaker is very product-friendly due to its synthetic cloths. This box filler can be used for potatoes, onions, shallots and carrots.

The machine is suitable for various sizes of big bags and boxes. Due to the applied intermediate position switch, this machine can also be used for automatic filling of boxes and big bags. The conveyor belt is enclosed in a belt frame and rests entirely on the carrier rollers. The box filler is controlled via the central control box.

Box fillers at Tolsma-Grisnich

Would you like to experience the benefits of a box filler yourself? Then you have come to the right place. Tolsma-Grisnich's automatic box fillers ensure the lowest possible drop height, so that your product suffers the least amount of damage. Our box filling machines have a high capacity, which allows us to speed up your processing process without damaging your product. The machine fills all your types of boxes perfectly.

For questions about our double box / big bag fillers, please contact us. We will be happy to help and advise you personally. The same applies to requesting a quote.