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Ergonomic inspection belt

Ergonomic inspection belt

The Tolsma-Grisnich roller inspection belt is distinguished by a solid, wear-resistant and ergonomic construction.

Tolsma-Grisnich offers an efficient solution for visual inspection of potatoes.

Longer life span

The roller inspection belt is made up of a frame of bent profile with plastic rollers driven by belts. The drive shaft is fitted with plastic wheels that drive the belts. This prevents wear on the rollers and bars, resulting in a significantly longer service life.

Complete according to customer wishes

The roller inspection belt has a number of options, including setting different speeds and adjusting the rotating speed of the rollers. In addition, various variants of feed and soil funnels are available. An optional dust belt is available to collect falling dust. The inspection belt is completely designed according to customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us for this..