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Potato grading

Potato grading

Every year you sell large quantities of potatoes that will differ in size and weight. To easily sort the potatoes by size, make sure you have an optimally automated system that involves minimal effort. For this, make effective use of our potato grading machines.

You can read more about the possibilities and advantages here. Would you also like to know more about our solutions for storing and processing your products? We will be happy to provide you with information.

The advantages of our machines

Are you looking for an efficient way to sort a large quantity of potatoes? We would like to point out the advantages of our potato grading machines that deliver optimal results with high capacity and precise adjustment. By the way, the machines are also suitable for grading onions and seed potatoes. When used, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Five independently driven adjustable grading decks
  2. Solid construction, long service life and low maintenance
  3. Minimal damage to the potatoes
  4. Adjustable sorting movement
  5. High sorting capacity
  6. Sieve decks flat and inclined adjustable

Various models for potato grading

At Tolsma-Grisnich we offer various models to help you with potato grading. Based on your product, the machines can be tuned to the maximum. The high capacity and accuracy results in optimum grading of your products with minimum effort. You can easily operate the machine and thanks to the stable design you will experience minimal noise.

The potato grading machines are available in models MV09 and MV13, suitable for grading potatoes for consumption, seed potatoes and onions. The model MV18 is only used in the processing industry.

Potato grading machines from Tolsma-Grisnich

For grading your potatoes we introduce our high-quality and durable machines. These potato grading machines allow you to organize your operations efficiently. This means you can significantly increase your profit margin and deliver high quality. Would you like to receive more information or personal advice about this? Please feel free to contact us.