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Potato and onion sorting machine

Potato and onion sorting machine

Grading machines from Tolsma-Grisnich can be tailored to the requirements of the product as much as possible. We supply your potato or onion sorting machine made to measure.

We supply grading machines made to measure, resulting in a high sorting capacity and very accurate sizing. Various rotation speeds and times can be set via the simple controls of the onion and potato sorting machine and sieve cleaner.

The MV 09 and MV 13 are ideally suited for sorting seed potatoes and onions. The MV 18 is specifically designed for the processing industry.


Capacity and accuracy

The unique independently driven sorting decks can be set to sloping or flat. With a flat grading deck, precision is maximum.


As the grading deck is positioned steeper, the product is given greater forward speed, resulting in increased sorting capacity.


Each sorting deck has its own product-friendly sieve cleaner.

Ease of operation and reliability.

The onion and potato sorting machine runs remarkably quiet and stable. This is due to the very solid main frame with sieve decks indirectly driven by toothed belts. The stroke of the maintenance-free eccentrics is easily adjustable for each sorting deck. The protected rotating parts are easily accessible for primary maintenance.


The advantages at a glance

  • Five independently driven adjustable sorting decks
  • Solid construction, long service life and low maintenance
  • Minimal product damage
  • Adjustable sorting motion
  • High sorting capacity
  • Sieve decks adjustable flat & inclined
  • Suitable for seed, table and french fry potatoes and onions

Onion and potato sorting machine

Do you need a sorting machine that processes potatoes and onions very quickly? Tolsma-Grisnich has been supplying reliable solutions for the agricultural and processing industry for more than 75 years.


Tolsma-Grisnich is a specialist in the efficient storage and primary processing of potatoes, onions and carrots. Adaptability, user-friendliness and durability make the onion and potato sorting machine an excellent choice for the agricultural and processing industry.

Increase your sorting capacity and optimise your production with this reliable grader.

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