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Track & Trace

Track & Trace

With the Tolsma-Grisnich Track&Trace system an up-to-date overview of the storage is created.

A good overview in custody to optimise your business operations? Then take a look at the Tolsma-Grisnich Track&Trace system. With the Tolsma-Grisnich Track&Trace system an up-to-date overview of the storage is created. Each crate is given an electronic chip with a unique number, giving rapid traceability of the products.

Information can be linked to the chip, such as variety, size and supplier. Every action is automatically registered.

How Track & Trace works:

Every box gets fitted with an electronic TAG. The scanner mounted on the forklift recognizes the box. The terminal mounted on the forklift connects the box-content tot the number of the box and communicates this with a (WiFi) server. In this system, the rows and stacks of boxes are pre-determined. In this way, the overview of boxes in the storage is always actual.

Automatic or manual

The Track & Trace box registration registers all data that are relevant during the different phases in the storage and sorting process.

During the filling of the boxes, the desired product information is added to the box. The forklift driver sees at which place he needs to put in the box in the storage

During sorting, it is possible to add the right size to the box automatically. After that, it is automatically indicated where the box needs to be placed in the storage.

To move several boxes to another place quickly can be simply registered using the touch screen.

 The advantages:

  • Automatic box registration (tracking & tracing)
  • Product overview per batch and per box
  • Optimal stock overview
  • Developed for box storage and sorting companies.

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