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Project featured: Mts. Leber processing line and storage

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Project featured: Mts. Leber processing line and storage

Mts. Leber opted for a complete processing line for seed and table potatoes. The company of Mts. Leber is a good example of an innovative entrepreneurial company. The young entrepreneur has a mixed business with arable crops (growing, storage and processing) and broiler chickens.

Innovation takes us further

Mts. Leber in Emmeloord is in full growth. On 150 hectares they grow seed potatoes, red and yellow seed onions, carrots, chicory roots, sugar beets and wheat. At their second location they keep ‘better living’ broiler chickens. Ten years ago a considerable expansion of the company took place, but after a few years it soon struggled with a lack of space. In addition, the wish came to sort the seed potatoes themselves. Together with the construction company Doorn, a solution was sought and resulted in a storage and processing area that fitted seamlessly into the existing building.

Leber’s passion is to grow good and safe food for the consumer. Of course within the economic laws and regulations. After all, an agricultural company must also make a profit in order to be able to invest in progress. He also has to deal with environmental laws and regulations. For example, the use of plant protection products is increasingly restricted. He sees this as a trend that will not reverse. “As entrepreneurs and as a sector, we have to think very innovatively about how we can produce differently in order to be able to continue to grow healthy food and raw material. That is quite a challenge, but I do see opportunities,” says Leber, who realizes that it is not always all the best in the agricultural sector. “According to an old saying, a farmer complains the least in February because it is the shortest month. There is always something to complain about, but in arable farming, the hard hits are not at the moment.”


New storage and sorting installation

In recent years, Leber’s company has grown considerably in size. As a result, he is now growing more seed potatoes. In order to be able to store them all after the harvest, he has decided to build a new shed with 4 compartments, suitable for seed potatoes which are stored in cubic boxes. In order to keep the climate optimal in the box storage, he opted for a blow-suction ventilation system from Tolsma-Grisnich with a concrete airlock. This combined wall can blow air through the pallet, but also suck air past the boxes. The revolutionary ACM fans are used for the ventilation system. And because Leber will be sorting his seed potatoes in the winter, he was also looking for a solution for a larger sorting capacity. “During the conversations about ventilation and climate control with Tolsma-Grisnich, the wishes for a different sorting line quickly became apparent. That’s how the ball started rolling and we finally opted for a new Grisnich processing line.” In addition to several conveyor belts, platforms and the shear belt with 5 discharge funnels, the MV09 sorter is used. This sorter is unique because each sorting deck is driven by its own eccentric. The MV09 has a capacity of 20 tons per hour.


Sustainable where possible

Leber has opted for sustainable solutions when investing in the new building. This will heat the floor in the processing area with residual heat from the cooling installation. He also collects rainwater from the roof of the shed to be able to use it for crop protection. Furthermore, the roof and wall panels have been chosen for the highest possible insulation value and energy-efficient ACM fans have been chosen to adapt the power consumption to the ventilation needs. “I expect these investments to contribute to a sustainable product and a higher return”.

Recently the open day took place where many interested parties came to take a look at the storage, ready for the future!