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Tolsma- Grisnich develops innovative total solutions for the entire process of handling, storage, processing and packaging of Agricultural products.

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Innovative storage technology for potatoes, onions and carrots.


About Tolsma- Grisnich

As a family business, Tolsma-Grisnich has been a pioneer for more than 75 years and leading specialist in the efficient storage and primary processing of potatoes, onions and carrots .

Always customer-specific

From the international potato capital Emmeloord, Tolsma-Grisnich serves its customers with smart, innovative and concept-oriented solutions with which they demonstrably distinguish themselves. With high-quality customised solutions and intensive process supervision, Tolsma-Grisnich relieves its clients of all their worries and guarantees them the highest return.

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Published: 26/06/2023

Tolsma-Grisnich Summer Check 2023

Your storage facility and/or processing line - just like your car, tractor or machine - needs periodic maintenance in order to function without problems. It is even legally required to have your cooling installation inspected annually, for example. Not maintaining the storage place and/or processing line leads to higher costs in the long term. Therefore, have your ventilation, cooling installation, electrical installations, hatches, sorting machine, washers, conveyor belts checked by a recognized party.

Published: 06/05/2023

How to Pre-cut Potato Seed Tubers

Andy’s Advice: Andy Robinson advice Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/UMN

Published: 23/11/2022

Designing A New Potato Store

When planning for new storage, the designer needs to future-proof the facility. To ensure the stores longevity they should consider external influences (e.g., climate), product storage requirements, environment and government regulations and energy consumption.

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