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Check your storage

2 August 2017

For some crops, it is already almost harvesting time. But are your storages ready for the new storage season yet? Tolsma-Grisnich has a number of useful tips for you that are certainly worth thinking about before the new harvest is stored.

Grid floor When a grid floor is used, it is important that the gaps are free of dirt so that the optimum air flow through the grid is retained. When the product is being put into the store or taken out again, a lot of soil can come loose from it and remain in the air ducts. If this accumulates, the air does not have enough space to flow through the grid properly. This creates a considerable counter-pressure and reduces the efficiency.

Fans When a sprout inhibitor is used, some of the chemicals will always remain on the fan blades. In the longer term, this can unbalance them: the energy consumption for ventilation then goes up and wear and tear increases. This can easily be fixed by wiping the deposits off with diesel oil and a wire brush or putty knife.

Product sensors Measuring and signalling any discrepancies between product sensors is essential if temperature differences within the batch are to be avoided. There is a relatively easy way of finding out whether the sensors are in order: put all the product sensors in a bucket of water and then check on the storage computer to see if there are any temperature differences between them.